• Cobra-Flex Stay in Place Flexible Braided Hose

    Introducing Cobra-Flex
    Stay-in-Place Flexible Braided Hose
    100% 316 Stainless Steel

    (Shown with optional coupling, valve, adapter and misting nozzle.)
  • Cobra-Flex spine

    Designed to be quickly and easily bent by hand
    Holds shape under pressure

    (Pressures up to 150 psig at 180°)
  • Cobra-Flex NPT Fixed Connection stainless steel flexible hose

    Corrosion Resistant
    All welded construction
    No rubber or plastic seals
    ⅜" male NPT Fixed Connection on each end

Cobra-Flex Stay in Place Flexible Braided Hose

Endless Customization

Combine Cobra-Flex with countless nozzles, valves and fittings to meet any commercial, industrial, agricultural, military or residential need. Flexible and stay-in-place, perfect for hard to reach configurations, Cobra-Flex is quickly and easily customizable. At last, a hose designed to tackle your most demanding spray / misting job.

Cobra-Flex spine

Cobra-Flex Spine

Cobra-Flex is available in two spine materials. The 316 Stainless Steel Spine is perfect for any application where corrosion resistance and maximum stiffness is desired. The Cobra-Flex copper spine option is ideal for applications where less stiffness is desired and corrosion resistance requirements are not as strict.

Cobra-Flex NPT Fixed Connection stainless steel flexible hose

Robust and Durable

Bend and twist the Cobra-Flex hose in any number of positions, any number of times. The Cobra-Flex will stay in place and in shape. Designed to be bent by hand “on the run” no tools required. Readily available in 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42" & 48" lengths. Custom lengths are available. Contact us for your custom configuration.

Industrial Applications

Cobra-Flex with a 316 Stainless Steel Spine

Cobra-Flex with a 316 Stainless Steel Spine is designed to be used with corrosive chemicals. Acids, anhydrous ammonia, petroleum based fluids, pesticides and cleaning agents are not a problem for the Cobra-Flex flexible, stay-in-place 316 Stainless Steel hose. The Cobra-Flex is invaluable in the paper industry and used for Matt Peeling Saveall nozzles, Traveling Squirt Nozzle misting, Tail Cutter nozzle holding, Roll Edge slinging, misting and washing and many other applications.

Commercial and Residential Applications

Cobra-Flex flexible, stay-in-place hose

Cobra-Flex flexible, stay-in-place hose performs flawlessly in fire suppression systems, snowmaking, crop and garden misting, swimming pool and residential outdoor cooling stations, amusement and water park attractions, pressurized air systems, and well pumps. The Cobra-Flex stay-in-place design makes it perfect for hard to reach areas and areas that require continuous or intermittent misting or treatment to reduce debris build up.

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